About the Graduate School of Film and New Media

The Graduate School of Film and New Media traverses/integrates a number of existing art fields and addresses new topics from the perspective of the film and new media workplace, training professionals capable of playing an active role on the international stage. Established in 2005, the Graduate School of Film and New Media is an autonomous graduate school without an undergraduate course. Based in Yokohama, the program has since its foundation held up as its educational and research ideal the accumulation of practical knowledge derived from the production site. In fact, it was established with the aim of training not only production workers in various specialized fields, but professionals (artists, educators and researchers) with the high levels of knowledge and experience required in order for them to play active roles in practical fields throughout society.

The Graduate School of Film and New Media’s Master’s Program is divided into three departments broadly corresponding to the different areas of specialization in the field of film and new media. Learning and research are advanced in accordance with the requirements of each department, with students addressing new topics from the perspective of the production site. The three departments in the Master’s Program are Film Production (32 students), New Media (16 students), and Animation (16 students), with those students who have completed studies in their respective departments and undergone the prescribed assessments obtaining the degree of M.A. (Film and New Media). The Doctoral Program in Film and New Media Studies has a quota of three students and is aimed at those who have already obtained a master’s degree or equivalent. Those students who have completed the course and passed the prescribed assessment will be awarded the degree of Ph.D. (Film and New Media Studies). The Graduate School of Film and New Media is spread across facilities in Yokohama at the three locations of Bashamichi, Motomachi-Chukagai, and Bankokubashi, and through its connections with the City of Yokohama plays an important role as a creative base for the region by offering programs including extension courses and open studios.

In this way, the Graduate School of Film and New Media strives to both contribute to the region as an education and research organization and train and send out into workplaces in Japan and overseas large numbers of personnel skilled in problem finding and problem solving while continuing to contribute to the development and expansion of international research and education.