Department of New Media

This department opens up new horizons in cinema, media representation and the performing arts by addressing diverse acts of expression using media concepts and technologies. Our aspiration is to foster creative talent capable of artistic expression in diverse fields while approaching educational research from multiple angles to address social issues not tackled by conventional art and pioneer forms of presentation utilizing new technologies.

International and Domestic Collaborations

Each course within the department develops international educational research projects with countries including France, Canada, Taiwan, and Colombia. The department also undertakes collaborations with the Yokohama Museum of Art and Kanagawa Arts Theater as well as TV stations, publishers and developers. Community projects include outreach to mental health facilities and non-profit organizations. We are constantly exploring possibilities to make new media-related educational research more accessible to the public.

Expertise and Creativity

The Department of New Media fosters innovative art expression and project practices not found in conventional media or genres. The department welcomes individuals with experience in music and the performing arts, as well as those from the fields of art and design. We also encourage applications from practitioners who have undertaken unique projects in the areas of information science and engineering and want to expand the breadth of their artistic expression.

Professional Development

The department envisions diverse paths for graduates of the program:

  • •Innovative artists who can use media technology across multiple fields
  • •Creators capable of flexibly conceptualizing and executing design and content for mass media
  • •Field engineers with the ability to enhance artistic expression
  • •Archivists and researchers capable of pioneering new research domains and methodologies drawing on social and natural sciences, in addition to various fields of art, irrespective of tradition
  • Curators who can evaluate and manage cultural resources, utilizing duplication technology from both historical and contemporary viewpoints