Regardless of the area of undergraduate specialization, all incoming students undertake intensive and specialized studies of image and device technology including physical expression and methodologies as part of the required coursework. In the second term, students divide into their selected courses and build on previous work to pursue research under faculty guidance. The results of their research projects are exhibited to the public at the OPEN STUDIO and Media Practice events presented jointly with the city of Yokohama.

Courses Presently Offered

University Purchased Artworks

Outstanding student works produced as thesis projects in the Department of New Media are purchased by the University and entered into the collection of the University Art Museum.

University purchased artworks

  • Yuichiro Tamura NIGHT LESS (2010)

    A road movie composed entirely of images from Google Street View. The story transcends national borders as it takes spectators on a journey from Nebraska to Chiba, Alaska, Portugal and Marseille.

  • Ryu Furusawa Invisible Layer (2012)

    A moving image projected on drawings. By manipulating the intensity of the drawings and projection on the surface by completely controlling the brightness of the display space, the images give rise to multiple senses of time and space.

  • Natsumi Aoyagi INCUBATI0N 2014-2015 (2015)

    Fuka nikki is a meta-documentary series. Through visuals and narrative, it brings to light the “self” living in Tokyo and its long-overlooked relationship with “nature” over the course of a search for the larva of a particular butterfly. It attempts to deconstruct the documentary in the context of film while inserting the self as it exists at various times throughout the creative process.

  • Shota Yamauchi El Condor Pasa (2015)

    A 3DCG video and dried horse mackerel installation. The video comprises a journey set in a real and CG world and reveals the relationship between the world and ourselves while questioning the materiality of images. The horse mackerel sculpture possesses both two-dimensionality and three-dimensionality and entices the viewer into a neutral world that could be either real or a dream.