Screening at Tricky Women 2017 (Austria)

The following Department of Animation student works were screened in the Japan Shorts program at Tricky Women 2017 in Austria.

Japan Shorts
ShiShi YAMAZAKI “Moonlit Night and Opal” (2015)
Hitomi OHTAKARA “Bugburger” (2015)
Hitomi OHTAKARA “calling you” (2016)
KaoriRYO “mind scape” (2015)
KaoriRYO “Dozing on Doomsday” (2016)
Chayanit K. “Dear Little Tim” (2016)
Tomomi KOMAZAKI “Out of My Mind” (2016)
Xinxin LIU “The Yellow Ball” (2015)
Xinxin LIU “At The Mouth Of Summer” (2016)
Mika SEIKE “Starting Over” (2016)

Tricky Women 2017
March 15-19, 2017